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Exquipass helps you prevent email hacks, password theft and identity theft.

Are you aware that someday you may fall prey of EMAIL HACKS, PASSWORD THEFT and/or IDENTITY THEFT?


Email hacking, Identity theft and Password theft is very common nowadays. Lots of individuals and companies suffer a lot with Identity and password theft. Many others are already suffering, so it's not impossible that someday you may fall prey to these. Hackers sit for hours and hours trying to break passwords to log into your private accounts stealing important information such as credit card numbers, login information, private data and others. Now sofisticated tools exist on the market making hacking tasks easier than ever.
It is easy to guard yourself against password and identity theft if you follow some very easy and simple steps which are now adopted by lots of companies and individuals.

The steps are as follows:
1. Use complex passwords (more than 10 characters including symbols) for all your accounts.
2. Keep the practice of changing your passwords every week or fortnight.
3. Use Different passwords for all of your accounts
4. Most importantly: make use of Exquipass Password manager which is an Award Winning password manager and keeper to manage, remember and store your Ids, passwords etc safely. You can find it at: on the products page.
Exquipass can be Downloaded for FREE at:
I Strongly suggest you go for the registered version at: to prevent functionality limits. Secure Order Here
Exquipass is an Award Winner password manager and keeper using Strong Encryption Mechanism to safeguard your account information such as Ids, passwords and secret notes.
Millions of people are now adopting this strategy.
It is good to make a backup of the password file genarated by Exquipass on a removable media in case of computer crash or stolen laptops, thus you will easily be able to recover all your account information. Don't worry! Even if you give someone your password file, he will never be able to reach your passwords or account information because of the strong encryption mechanism that Exquipass makes use of to safe guard all your Ids, passwords, etc which will require a master password from you to decrypt all these.
Exquipass helps you to manage and keep your passwords, user IDs, credit card numbers, account information, Windows network logon, your e-mail account,homepage's ftp password, online passwords, secret notes, etc etc etc. in a secure way. You can put all your passwords in one file, which is locked with one master password. Therefore you only have to remember one single master password for all of your passwords. The files in which you save your IDs and Passwords are strongly encrypted which, without your master password nobody else can read it even having the files in hand.
Thus it also secures your Ids and Passwords from being stolen by spywares and hackers through the strong encryption.
Also if later you experince a harddisk crash or computer breakdown, you can easily recover your account information from a removable drive if you have stored them using the secure Exquipass. Today it is very important to be aware of Identity and Password theft. With Exquipass, you can keep track of all your different passwords keeping strangers away from accessing your private information.
Exquipass is developed by Exquisys Software Technology Ltd.

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